"Presenting Positive Standards for the Future of Education"

About GVA

Our Mission

“Presenting Positive Standards for the Future of Education”

The Mission of Green Valley Academy is to offer an academic program with individualized instruction in an therapeutic non-therapeutic setting. Students who have anxiety or who benefit from low-enrolled classes are taught and mentored by Master Teachers.  We encourage students to reconnect with school in a positive way and forge ahead to a successful adulthood through an improved self-awareness and the power of a great education.

Why Choose GVA?

GVA has been changing the lives of children since we opened our doors in 1987.  Being operational for 25 years, we believe that we have all but perfected the services that we offer.  Countless numbers of parents as well as students, have told us how GVA has changed their lives for the better.

Large schools lack the capability to give every student the attention he or she needs to succeed.  Classes in these schools are designed to move throughout the semester in a way that best fits the group at large.  Not all students are the same, and those who have learning difficulties or disorders, require more attention to succeed.

We have a solid foundation with many schools in the area.  These schools often contact us when they feel they may have a student who could benefit from our program.

Whether it be to return to their original school with increased academic confidence, gain acceptance to college, or graduate highschool, GVA can help every student reach their goals.

To read testimonials on how GVA has impacted the lives of students, please go to our testimonials page under the Support our Mission section.

Green Valley Academy is for Students…

  • with or without an Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • who need an accelerated pace
  • who need remediation
  • who are referred by local schools (usually those who need a homelike, safe environment due to issues related to anxiety and fear)
  • whose parents want support for home schooling
  • who may have some emotional and learning differences
  • who want a private and safe environment in which to learn

If you know of a child who suffers from fear-based anxiety caused by illness, family crisis, bullying in previous placement, post traumatic stress, eating disorders, high functioning autism, or other challenges, please refer them to GVA. We have  developed a successful program to make sure that these youngsters stay in school. We have a 98% success rate.

Our Program

  • For Students with fear-based anxiety caused by: illness, family crisis, bullying in previous placement, post traumatic stress, eating disorders, high functioning autistic and other challenge
  • Hours: 8:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday
  • Grades 3 through 12
  • 6:1 student teacher ratio
  • Thirteenth year and Transitional Programs available
  • Teachers are PA State Certified
  • College-bound courses taught
  • einforcement of socialization skills
  • Monthly update to parents
  • Quarterly Report Cards are issued
  • Emotional support available
  • Most homework is done at Green Valley
  • Block Schedule
  • Art program offered
  • Students with or without IEP enrolled

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