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April 2018 Email Blast

The snow has finally stopped falling and it is time for Spring!  With Spring weather coming quickly and Summer right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about Extended School Year.  Extended School Year, or ESY, is available at Green Valley Academy and we only have a few spots left open.

Attending ESY is a great way to fight the dreaded “summer slump,” especially when it comes to reading.  Students tend to fall off and regress if they aren’t involved with an academic routine over the summer.  Our very own reading specialist Heather Whitmore, M.S. will be leading ESY this year with lessons geared toward each individual student’s instructional and independent level(s).

Green Valley Academy has conducted this program for years and it has always been a profound success.  Our students who have participated in ESY regularly demonstrate an increase in cognition related to subjects they had been performing poorly in and continues to get them out of the house, into the classroom, and ultimately having fun with their peers!

Registration for ESY has started and spot are filling up quickly!  Contact Joni Yinger, our Client Support Specialist, by phone at (484) 568-4409 or email her at joni.yinger@greenvalleyacademy.org

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