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Green Valley Academy was founded in 1987 by MiMi Green, MS. Initially, Green Valley Academy was a part-time tutoring center known as Latchkey Concepts and then Oasis Home Education. As parents and school districts requested full day placement at the center, Green Valley’s identity was finalized.

In 2008, MiMi chose the current name and transformed this unique educational setting into a full day academic and non-for-profit organization.

Green Valley is presently a research-based scholastic program for children who have various types of anxiety disorders. This program has been recognized as a highly exceptional placement, where students, who do not have severe acting out behaviors, can learn within a safe atmosphere. Our enrollees, who often present with school avoidance behavior, thrive. Academic instruction and support can be individualized due to very low enrollment. For more than 20 years, Green Valley’s dedicated staff has transformed the lives of hundreds.

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