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Instruction conducted in the Home

In addition to classroom academics, we also offer instruction conducted in the home and tutoring.

The goal of Green Valley Academy Specialized Home Instruction Programs is to give children who are struggling with school attendance (due to anxiety caused by differences, bullying by others, or general anxiety) a chance to continue with their education without interruption.

In recent years, more and more youngsters fear going to school. GVA professional staff members have made it their goal for the last 30 years to help students and their families work through difficult times.

Instruction in the Home: Grades 4-12

  • Our Scholastic Coach (tutor) goes to the home of the child and teaches them regular course work.
  • All teachers are certified and administer quarterly grades
  • Report cards are issued by GVA as an associate of the student’s local school district.
  • Student is tutored in anywhere from one to five credits
  • Set price for this service is $2,950

Classes Offered:

  • Science (1 Credit)
  • Mathematics (1 Credit)
  • English/Reading (1 Credit)
  • Social Studies (1 Credit)
  • Health (1 Credit)
  • PE (.25 Credits)
  • Total: 5.25 Credits

Once the child is comfortable learning in a comfortable environment, we recommend that they transition to our FLEX Program.


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