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Keeping Busy by Journaling

Keeping Busy by Journaling

The days are long, the times are hard, and it seems like every little thing has changed in at least some minute way.  We, as a society, have never experienced something like this in our entire lifetimes.  What better way to pass the time and be able to have a long-term remembrance of modern-day history by starting your own journal!  Imagine, years from now, sitting with your grandkids and family and being able to read them your journal on all the unprecedented moments of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic.

Journaling is a great way to get your mind focused and keep your busy.  All you need is a something to write or type on, time, and your thoughts.  To start journaling, set a schedule for yourself and be as consistent as possible.  This will give you something to look forward to and as long as you follow your schedule, it will become second nature and a regular part of your week.

When you are adding journal entries, be sure to really dive deep into how you are feeling and express openly.  This is a great way to get things off your mind and, after a while, it will lessen those thoughts and feelings you are holding in your mind.  Journaling is known to lessen anxiety and depression.  By being open, it will provide amazing insight later on for you to really remember how things changed during this pandemic.

Make sure to take your time and add in the daily or weekly events that really made you think, worry, or excited.  Describe your home made mask, the dilemmas of how and when you had to leave your house for necessary supplies, the way your family reacted, and how you were able to stay connected with your friends and family through social media.

Most importantly… HAVE FUN with this activity!  This is something that you will have for the rest of your life and you can always look back and remember a moment in history.

For a more detailed guide on how to start a journal… check out this link here.  Happy Journaling!

Green Valley Academy – Newly Accredited Candidate Member

Green Valley Academy has been accepted as a Candidate Member of the Middle States Association of Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Our school is the first of its kind to be accepted as a Candidate member of the MSA-CESS.  With this new status, GVA will benefit from all the rights and privileges of being a Member.

The MSA-CESS is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluation and regional accreditation of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States and certain foreign institutions of American origin that accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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