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November 2017 Email Blast

Green Valley Academy
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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, 1990, formerly the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA, 1975)) requires school districts to include and educate students with special needs and to create specialized academic plans for them, known as an Individual Education Program (IEP).

The IEP creates an opportunity for parents, teachers, school administrators, related services personnel, and students (when appropriate) to work together to improve educational results for children with disabilities. The IEP is critical in the education of a child with a disability and becomes the cornerstone of a quality education for that child.

There are times when an Alternative Educational Placement (AEP) is required to meet the unique educational needs of a child with a disability. When this occurs, it is important to continue following the Goals and Specifically Designed Instruction (SDI) outlined in the child’s IEP to provide for a seamless transition and maintain the strategies for the child’s academic success. The AEP Staff should provide on-going communication of a child’s progress with the child’s home school and become part of the IEP Team when a reevaluation for the child is scheduled.

The underlying goal of a child’s IEP, and of all parties involved in the development and facilitation of that IEP, is to create a nurturing environment and clear path for the child’s educational success.

The likelihood of a child’s success only increases when we all work together toward this end.

At Green Valley Academy we assess each child’s growth, in every area, on a regular basis. We record each student’s progress on our Praxi system where both students and parents have access. When a student comes to Green Valley Academy we follow the recommendations of their existing IEP, our school does not generate IEP’s, instead we follow the mandates provided by the student’s school district. If a district/student’s family are in discussions concerning the placement of the child with GVA, we recommend that a member of the GVA administrative staff should be invited to the annual IEP meeting.

Green Valley Academy is not a placement for students with severe emotional or behavioral concerns, although if a child is mandated to receive psychological services, they must achieve that goal by having their local district provide “wrap around service” through the state. While our administrative staff does not arrange for or provide psychological services, GVA does welcome professional staff members from counseling agencies to interact with our staff members. We require a release signed by the parent or guardian for ideas, strategies, and progress reports to be shared with “wrap around agencies”.

Green Valley Academy offers an academic program to children throughout the Philadelphia Region, grades 3 thru 12, who are experiencing school avoidance due to anxiety.  Green Valley Academy incorporates individualized instruction with low-enrolled classes to provide a safe and nurturing environment to students. Our goal is to have our students reconnect with school and forge ahead to a successful adulthood through the power of a great education.

Presenting Positive Standards
for the Future of Education
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Green Valley Academy – Newly Accredited Candidate Member

Green Valley Academy has been accepted as a Candidate Member of the Middle States Association of Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Our school is the first of its kind to be accepted as a Candidate member of the MSA-CESS.  With this new status, GVA will benefit from all the rights and privileges of being a Member.

The MSA-CESS is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluation and regional accreditation of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States and certain foreign institutions of American origin that accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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