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Student Composed GVA Poem

Green Valley Academy

Everyday we say *hey*, our teachers wait for us till we get off the bus, we laugh together,and we cry together, our teachers are so happy to see us when we arrive from  the drive, we always have a smile on our face when we arrive to school, here at GVA we are the definition of family, we are happy to attend GVA, we have caring teachers, and we as students receive  help when we need it so we can succeed in life, we are a loving family here at GVA, we will make you feel welcome when you attend our school, everyone who is new is apart of our family, we do so many fun things here at GVA, we treat each and everyone with respect, our teachers care for us as if we their own son’s or daughter’s, we love to do things together here at GVA, we help our community as well as each other, we here at GVA are proud of who we are…………..

BY:Kaitlin Rosa

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